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Trailer Services Available

Our experience with trailers comes in handy when you are constantly performing heavy work. We will make sure these vehicles and components are working as smoothly as possible. We also have experience with flat decks and tankers.

SGI Safety Inspections & Repairs

We offer SGI inspection to ensure your vehicle, tires, and other working parts are efficiently working in order to keep you safe on the road.

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VK IPUC B620 Inspections

Red and White Semi Trucks

This inspection looks at components related to construction, design, assembly, certification, repair, modification, and many other aspects related to the transportation of dangerous goods. This test makes sure that your vehicle meets the standards set in place by law.

Custom Fabrication

We have the expertise and knowledge needed to perform a variety of custom materials to your trailer. We utilize various fabrics including stainless steel, steel, aluminum, and more. Please contact us for more information regarding our custom fabrication.

Suspension & Brake Repairs

Maintaining a properly functioning suspension (both front and rear) as well as brakes can help ensure safety and reliability. We diagnose as well as repair suspension and brake concerns.

Electrical Diagnostics & Repairs

Close Up Black Semi Truck

The proper equipment is required to accurately diagnose electrical concerns, as well as perform electrical repairs. At Platinum Truck Center, we have the state-of-the-art diagnostic and repair tools needed to get your trailer functioning again.

Hose Testing

Docked Semi Truck

We are able to inspect and make sure all trailer hoses are hooked up correctly and performing as intended.

ABS Repairs

Flatbed Semi Truck

Trailer ABS systems consist of an on-board computer with self-testing capabilities, as well as diagnostic capabilities. Upon start-up, the trailer performs an ABS self-check. If an abnormality is detected during this self-check, a dash light will appear. We can help!

Titan and SEE Level Repairs & Installation

Grey Semi Truck

All of our technicians are properly licensed and trained to perform repairs and installations on Titan and SEE level products.

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