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Semi-Truck Services Available

Platinum Truck Center in Weyburn provides a wide range of truck and equipment services to those in the local area, as well as surrounding cities. Check out our services below – contact us if you would like to make an appointment in our shop today.

SGI Safety Inspections

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We offer SGI inspection to ensure your vehicle, tires, and other working parts are efficiently working in order to keep you safe on the road.

For further questions and to learn more about our services, contact us at Platinum Truck Center today!

Full Engine Rebuilds

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We have experience with rebuilding engines if your current engine is not working as it should. We will take everything apart, provide full inspections, and rebuild the engine from the start.

Electrical Repair & Diagnostics

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Our trained technicians have the proper tools, equipment, and knowledge needed to diagnose your vehicle. Check engine light? Air conditioning not working? We are able to diagnose and perform a variety of electrical repairs.

Product Pump Repair

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We are qualified to work on all product pump repairs. Call us for more information!

Suspension & Brake Repairs

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The suspension and brakes are vital components of your vehicle. Stay safe with regular maintenance and repairs!

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